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How we can help?

Product improvement

So you have an existing product but it's not living up to expectations, we can help. We can look at design for assembly to get production rates up and design for manufacture to reduce compliance issues and re-work. There's many benefits to be gained from this work, this is our passion, get in touch we love to help.

Process improvement

This is an often over looked critical aspect to producing high quality and high reliability parts. Standardising process not only eliminates waste but reduces the mental burden on staff and the impact of growing the workforce.

Product development

Got that prefect design in your head but need some help to make it a reality? Well let's talk. We're 3D modelling experts, we've been at it for years and we can certainly get you from idea to design in no time at all.

Proof of concept

So you've a great concept, a product or system that you feel is going to change everything for the better but you're still unsure if it's suitable for permanent adoption. Let us run a proof of concept trial for you. We'll collaborate to outline the critical success criteria and produce a comprehensive report with recommendations.

Product Design

Short on labour but need some modelling completed? Well we can take on your existing work whether it be continuing on with product design work, design revision or converting existing 2D product designs and CAD drawings to a 3D model, we're happy to help. 

Auditing and analysis

Product reliability is what reputations are built on. We can help you analyse how you're tracking with faults and failures and develop a plan to target the areas of greatest impact.

A sample  of our services:
  • 5S implementation

  • Workflow optimisation

  • Visual control systems

  • Kitting services

  • Prototype development

  • Bill of materials optimisation

  • Product commercialisation

  • ROI (return on investment)

We can become one of your team.

We're more than happy to integrate into your team and collaborate on projects to achieve outcomes. Talk to us to find out how.

Contact us for to start discussing what it is you need to improve and we can go from there. We'll help you to explore what the possibilities are and highlight where we can help.