Pro bono?

What does that mean?

Pro bono publico (or more commonly just shortened to Pro Bono), is a Latin phrase for professional work carried out voluntarily and without payment.

The use of Pro Bono typically refers to provision of professional services for people who are unable to afford them.

Why offer Pro Bono?

At Emerald Improvements, we are in this to help people overcome product and process challenges, the more people we can help the better.

We are aware that some folks are financially and or geographically in a tough spot and are finding it hard to get help where they are currently at.

It's a digital world, and we like challenges.

Reach out to us and let's start talking about your problem. We might be able to help.

Who can apply for Pro Bono services?

Of course there are limitations to even our creative minds so we can't solve every problem or help everyone.

We'll do our best but our typical audience for Pro Bono services are regional, agricultural clients in Australia, specifically Western Australia.

Aussie farmers are an ingenious group of people and Australia has a very commendable agricultural engineering history with many modern solutions evolving from what were at the time ground breaking inventions.

We'd love to assist with more great inventions so please get in touch.