Here’s our story

We started out at drafting designs in 2D, adapting to a changing market and technology we progressed to 3D modelling and into complete manufacturing design. Spending countless hours perfecting our design work it was evident the end product quality and reliability depends on many other factors.

We've diversified our services to help others from our leanings, offering a full suite of capabilities to take design concepts through to commercialised products. We can also follow a product and production team from infancy to maturity adapting processes and responses as the product life cycle evolves.

We pride our team on their ability to look at an issue holistically and develop solutions that are simple but will have significant impact. Product improvement and process improvement is what we live and breath.

What's something that makes us unique? As our tag line states, we connect the dots. If your an part of an operations or maintenance team and you want to run a proof of concept project for a 3rd party system, we can facilitate installation, monitoring and reporting to provide un-biased analysis of the system.

Likewise if you are a system provider but you are lacking the team to facilitate site installations or the ability to manage and monitor a performance trial over time, we can help - providing detailed recommendations for future development.

Contact us and let's discuss what you need.